Chemistry Tutors

We have the following Chemistry tutors available to tutor from GCSE to A Level.  If you are interested in A Level Chemistry Tutoring, please contact us on or contact us on 01634 778001.

Chemistry Tutors Available




Dr Emma Doyle

Tutoring available - GCSE and A Level Chemistry

Location - Rochester, Kent

Cost -

A Level Chemistry £40/hour for one or two students.

GCSE Science £30/hour for one or two students.

Availability - Mon, Wed, Fri from 4.3opm.  Saturday from 10am-3.30pm.






Dr Emma Doyle has taught A Level Chemistry for over 15 years after being in academic research at Cambridge University achieving both a Masters and PhD.  She, herself, achieved 5 As at A Level in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and General Studies and is able to show others how to achieve the same.

Emma is a leader in her subject and currently works as a Head of Science and Chemistry at a Grammar school in Kent.

As an AQA Examiner for A Level Chemistry, Emma has an excellent working knowledge of exam board requirements.

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