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Overview: Our Kickstart A Level courses are half day intensive courses that give you the best start possible to succeed in your A Levels. You will leave the course with a wealth of learning strategies and a thorough understanding of what you need to do to attack your A Level Physics course head on.

The fundamental concepts of the subject are covered, essential if you performed less well than expected or followed a course that left some gaps in the essential ideas that you need to succeed at A level.

Half Day Structure:

Registration is at 8.30-9 am for a prompt 9am start.  The half day courses finishes at 12pm and includes a brief refreshment break.  The course includes a Kent Revision Courses booklet containing information, resources and templates you can use for your A Level study.

Areas covered include development of your own 4 As to achieve your personal A Level Success.

The 4 As for A Level Success

1. Ambition – You need to have vision of who you want to be and what you need to achieve with A Level Physics and the opportunities the highest grades can open up for you.
2. Arrangements – Being in control of your habits and daily routine and the organisation of your study methods is key.  We will provide you with a template of the A Level specifications for AQA, Edexcel and OCR that will allow you to take control, plan and direct your own A Level Physics learning into manageable chunks.
3. Ability – this will be the main focus of the day.  There are key principles and concepts in any subject that you must understand to give your A Level course the best possible start. We will cover the fundamental concepts you cannot succeed in any A Level Physics course without, help to ensure your understanding is solid.  This includes:

  • Forces and Motion
  • Electricity
  • The Particle Zoo
  • Radioactivity
  • Energy
  • Waves

We will cover the necessary learning tools and skills for the key cognitive processes required for A Level Physics course including mathematical skills, understanding and using the complex terminology, and being able to think flexibly to comprehend Physics, a subject require good imagination and modelling skills to understand the world as a Physicist.
4. Attitude – You will meet many challenges and obstacles in the A Level Physics course.  It is a demanding subject but we will support you to develop the resilience and perseverance that will be needed, have a growth mindset and prevent the negative thoughts that can impede your progress.  We will look at your personal GRIT, a positive, non-cognitive trait that involves knowing how to maintain the motivation required to achieve your A Level course objectives.

Mastering these 4As = A Level Success

All of our course tutors have full DBS certificates.  Please note that Darling Buds is a working farm.


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