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Kent Tutoring helps you with A Level study so that you can get the very best result possible.

Our A Level tutors are teachers who are leaders in their subjects with extensive and current experience of the specifications and examination requirements.

Based in the idyllic location of Darling Buds Farm in Ashford, Kent Tutoring gives you the opportunity to refocus your study in tranquil surroundings away from the classroom environment and develop the necessary skills in your course.

Kickstart to A Level Tutor Courses

Our Kickstart A Level tutoring course days are half day intensive courses that give you the best start possible to succeed in your A Levels. You will leave the kickstart course with a wealth of A Level learning strategies and a thorough understanding of what you need to do to attack your A Level course head on.

Our tutors cover the core principles of the subject that are needed as a firm foundation for the course so if you performed less well than expected or followed a course that left some gaps that are the foundations that help you to succeed at A level.

A Level Tutor Revision Day Courses 

These are one day intense A Level study days designed to help boost your revision.  The courses are presented A Level Tutors who are teachers who are leaders in their subjects with extensive and current experience of the specifications and examination requirements .

The course contents include a focus on exam approach and techniques to support you in getting the best possible results.  The course includes development of the four key exam question focus is provided.

All A Level courses include a course booklet.  Refreshments and Lunch are included o full day courses.



'Greatness is a lot of small things done well everyday'

The 4 As to A Level Success

During our courses, we will provide you with resources to develop in the 4As to be a successful A Level Student in the context of your subject.

1. Ambition - You need to have vision of who you want to be and what you need to achieve.  We will focus your intended outcomes of your course and look at how you can break down your A Level goal into manageable components and make some SMART steps to get there.
2. Arrangements - Being in control of your habits and daily routine and the organisation of your study methods is key.  We will provide you with a template of your selected A Level course for you to follow and exemplars of efficient study routines followed by outstanding students.
3. Ability - this will be the main focus of the day.  There are key principles and concepts in any subject that you must understand to give your A Level course the best possible start. We will cover the fundamental concepts you cannot succeed in your course without, help to ensure your understanding is solid and that you have the necessary learning tools and skills for the key cognitive processes required for your A Level course.
4. Attitude - You will meet many challenges and obstacles in your A Level course; they are demanding in their nature!  We support you to develop the resilience and perseverance that will be needed, have a growth mindset and prevent the negative thoughts that can impede your progress.  We will look at your GRIT, a positive, non-cognitive trait that involves knowing how to maintain the motivation required to achieve your A Level course objectives.

= A Level Success

Students that demonstrate all of these As have been seen to be highly successful in their A Level achievements leading them on to highly competitive courses including Russell groups University courses, Oxbridge, Medicine, Veterinary, Dentistry and Law.